Successful Online Application Steps

Successful Burger King or McDonalds Applications? How to Approach Your First Day…

So your Burger King or McDonald’s application has been successful and you are about to start your first day? For many people, the thought of working in a new environment is terrifying, and it’s common to have second thoughts about the whole thing. But hey you are ready to work, and I am glad to bring to you information that will get you over the big day. So let’s get ready.

The first thing to realize is that it’s normal to feel a bit nervous when approaching your first day at Burger King, especially if you are a teenager or college student and this is your first  job ever. Believe me when I tell you that filling out the Burger King application online was your hardest step.

What you must understand is that once you get into the swing of things then you will quickly find your groove, and in no time at all the job starts to feel like something you have always done second nature.

Here is some advice on how to approach your first day…

Talk to people

Don’t avoid talking to other members of staff. Being reclusive makes you look like a “lone wolf” and someone who is hard to get along with. Ultimately, the more experienced members of staff can show you the ropes and let you know little tidbits of information that will make the job easier. Be open and friendly and in the end you will reap the rewards.

Get some sleep

If you’re currently at college then you are no doubt spending a few late nights cracking the books, but when it comes to the night before your first day at McDonald’s or Burger King, then you really should consider getting some sleep so you are feeling refreshed and alert…ready to take on your job with vigor and alertness.

Some people turn up to their first day on the back of 2 hours sleep, not good. Needless to say employees like this that do not prepare don’t make it, they just don’t last very long.

Don’t eat the food

Many people think that working at McDonalds is a dream job, and a successful McDonald’s application is the ticket to a life of eating burgers and fries all day, there is so much more. While you will probably be offered a complimentary meal during your break or at the end of the shift, it’s very important to understand that you should NOT eat the food while you are working and always ask for whatever you take, bar none.

This is a major violation of the rules, and if your supervisor catches you stuffing McNuggets into your mouth or slurping a strawberry milkshake then you can expect to be given your marching orders immediately. It looks bad and it does not serve the consumer well. This is something that you simply have to understand.

Arrive on time

As they say, first impressions count, which means if you arrive an hour late to your first day at BK or McDonald’s then this doesn’t exactly bode well for your future in the workforce.

In a nutshell, you should start as you intend to go on, and that means arriving for work at least 15 minutes early. It doesn’t matter if traffic is bad where you live…you just need to leave the house earlier! It might not be for you but recent statistics have shown that around 50% of new McDonalds and Burger King employees leave the job after only a few days, with some leaving after only a couple of hours.

No matter how hard you try, it might just be a fact that the job isn’t for you. Don’t feel bad. Simply tell the manager that you want out, and then leave with no hard feelings. There are many more opportunities out there. But if you apply for a job with the Burger King application or any other fast food job application, be ready to make a commitment. It just will never look good if you go through all that trouble and leave the job so soon. It just it not good.

The Burger King Application – Finding Fast Food Jobs

Step by Step Plan For Finding Fast Food Jobs in Your Area

The first step to finding employment is the Burger King application. Online job applications are easier than ever before to fill out, and the streamline process can almost guarantee your best opportunity to getting hired! There has never been a better time to work in the fast food industry. More people than ever before are eating out at places such as Burger King, Taco Bell and KFC, which means these kind of companies are always looking for motivated staff who are willing to work hard for minimum wage at an entry level job.

One of the main groups of people who work at fast food jobs are students, and the elderly. This is because they can work in the evenings and at weekends, so they still have enough to time to concentrate on their studies, and the elderly need to bridge the gap between social security and making ends meet.

In this area of employment not only students that work in this sector, and in recent years, there has been an increase of older people getting into the fast food industry and discovering an exciting challenge as they try to land managerial jobs and move up from the entry level positions, also known as crew positions.

Want to find a fast food job in your area? Follow this step by step plan: Apply Here!

Make a list of fast food companies

The first step in finding job opportunities is to make a list of all of the fast food companies in your local area. For example, most cities and towns have multiple outlets, with brand name of restaurants such as Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendys, and Dominoes dominating the area, but there are also that are smaller in nature but similar work.

Don’t think that all of the fast food jobs are just being offered by the big chains either, there are many smaller stores that also need new staff on a regular basis. These companies hire on a lower level but if you are looking for work, fill out their online job applications as well as these options are not to be ignored.

Visit the website

Once you have identified a number of fast food companies in your local area, then the next step is to visit each of the websites individually. Filling out online job applications is easy if you do them all at the same time, or within a reasonable amount time. While the information is clear in your head, it makes it easy to make them all similar. Which they should be.

Just about every fast food chain now gives you the opportunity to apply online, which means you can make multiple applications to different stores all in the space of a single afternoon.

Make your application stand out

At the end of the day, most people send in a bland and boring online applications, that doesn’t get the potential employer excited about hiring them. Sure, this might only be a temporary job for you or a transient job that you do not plan on doing for long, and there could be bigger plans on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your best foot forward when filling out a fast food application form, after all you do want the job right?

Make sure you complete all of the sections, as well as spending some time listing your skills and achievements. Also, attach a CV with your online application, and try a get a few references from people you know to further enhance your application. Some of the places that you can seek reference letters from are: Churches, Volunteer organizations, teachers, and previous employers. Have these ready when you meet with the prospective employer or when you are submitting the online job application.

Be ready for the interviews

If you send out a Burger King application or any other to fast food companies then you “WILL” get called in for some interviews. Not everyone will get back to you, but if you send out 10 applications then expect to hear from at least 5 of them within a week or two. This will give you incredible odds of getting hired. After all timing is everything, and you have to think positive and be opportunistic.

So what is the best way to make a good impression at the interview so you get the job? Without a doubt, you should always dress sharp be and look smart and make sure your shoes are properly shined, as this is something that employers look for in a potential employee. Do not think that over-doing it is bad, on the contrary. If you do not look professional some one else will. Think about it.

Interesting Jobs Starting Today At Burger King


This year promises new jobs for everyone that is willing to do a job for minimum wage, gain experience, and have an opportunity to make more money. There are few things more satisfying than obtaining your first job as a teenager. The Burger King application was rated in the top 5 by teens searching for a job in the fast food industry. Do you need help to find a job? Here is your free online job application process, today it is easier than ever to get hired. Search for a Burger King job today @ Job.Com!

Other fast food jobs made the top 5 as well. Jobs like McDonalds, Taco Bell, and KFC as well as fairly new comers like Sonics, are some of the favorites. There are few companies geared to help out and promote education like Burger King. McDonalds is another pro-education fast food company too.

What’s New With Burger King?

Well as Burger King continues to push the envelope and make strides as a fast food establishment that is clearly not going anywhere, they have implemented free deliveries in my area. This is something that they are trying in many large cities across the U.S.

Free delivery of food to your front door step. I have tried it and I was impressed. Now you may ask, this is fast food. Why would I want to have it delivered? The whole process and thought behind fast food is to go in order, eat and get out. Heck that is what the fast food restaurants want too. But here is the thinking behind their delivery offer. They know that plenty of their business comes from schools too. In the high schools in my neighborhood, they have offered Burger King food for years. So why not deliver to other schools that may want to do an event, like an elementary school?

New Burger King jobs

A new form of Burger King job will be created by needing delivery personnel to help out with the delivery of food to your door step. So now the Whopper can come to your home, with free delivery. In addition to all the jobs and different positions that can be yours with all starting with the Burger King application. Apply for a job today and find your next job with great ease right here. Are you looking for a fast food or retail job today? If you search Job.Com!